Packages for New Clients


First Session - New Client

(Initial one-hour massage sessions; introductory price) Save $10! Progressive Response Massage Therapy
 - $75

The first session with Therese introduces clients to a dramatically different massage experience, with the hopes of encouraging a commitment to her 3-week process.

3-Week Introductory Package

(Pre-paid package of 3 one-hour massage sessions) Save $30! Progressive Response Massage Therapy
 - $225

Whenever Therese works with a new client, she encourages the person to experience massage for three consecutive weeks. While each session is a self-contained experience, it is also a threshold for change. She views the first session as an orientation, while the second and third sessions yield dramatically deepened relaxation responses. With Progressive Response Massage Therapy, people are amazed at the change after just three sessions. It is a process and one that is well worth it!

Massage Movement LLC

3-Month Introductory Series Package

(Pre-paid package of 13 one-hour massage sessions) Save $165! Progressive Response Massage Therapy
 - $940

There are times when a bit more "unwinding" is necessary. Through sensory intelligence and the movement of your muscles for a passive range of motion, Therese can undo years of postural effects. Under normal circumstances, the results achieved from this three-month intensive process can be maintained with regular tune-up massage sessions.