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"I feel very fortunate to be a long-term client of Therese. I have received regular weekly massages from her for about two decades now, and I consider her the best massage therapist I've ever visited. Therese's therapy has been a consistent and important part of my health and fitness regimen. Her massages are never "cookie-cutter" or the same from week-to-week(other than consistently high-quality!). She routinely invites feedback on my previous session as well as input for the current one, so I feel like a partner in my therapy. Even when I don't have a specific request, her skill and experience enable her to discern and deliver exactly what my body needs each time.

Therese has always maintained the highest of health, safety, and ethical standards. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, Therese immediately adapted her office and practice to adhere to governmental and health guidelines. She has conscientiously continued to follow those guidelines as they've evolved. For those reasons I felt comfortable returning to her practice in July 2020 after she reopened. Since stress is known to weaken the immune system, I believe that her regular therapy, both before and during the pandemic, has played a critical role in reducing my stress and keeping my immune system strong and effective."

- Martha Blus

About Massage Movement LLC & Therese Rog

Therese M Rog has been practicing her unique, dynamic system of massage therapy and bodywork, Progressive Response Massage Therapy, for nearly 30 years at her present location in downtown Barrington. She is Board Certified and a current member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

A Chicago native, Ms. Rog apprenticed with Raymond Moser and earned Specialist in Myo-Fibril Technique. From that foundational technique she developed Progressive Response Massage Therapy as a veritable system of massage therapy and bodywork which directly addresses the elasticity of muscle and the capacity to attain a muscular range of motion while releasing postural holds that hinder flexibility. PRMT coaxes the body into a desired new feeling state, utilizing the body's innate ability to sense so that one is in the receptive mode.

We are either sensing or tensing! As a medium, the muscles lend themselves to movement in the direction nature intended so that postural holds and the nagging sensations that accompany them are released. PRMT focuses on the individual's bodily relationships, especially between muscle and bone, and sensation and tension. Capable, intuitive touch and movement enlist the sense of self to reawaken and evoke one's bodily responses more in line with freer movement and comfortable states of lightness, ease, and spontaneity. Therese works with people from all walks of life, all of whom enjoy a myriad of creative and physical activities, and come to her to address different conditions and issues.

So while no two people are alike, she finds her most dedicated clients to be proactive in taking responsibility for their health; patient in their understanding of massage as a process; persistent in receiving a regular massage; and practical in accepting that what was once difficult becomes less so and more manageable with practice.


Massage Movement LLC

"For me, nothing surpasses one of Therese's late-afternoon or early-evening massages on Friday as a means to leave a stress-filled week behind, and go into the weekend with a refreshed and re-energized mind and body."

- Brad Stetson

Chairman & CEO, Barrington Bank & Trust Co

"I started going to see Therese after some intense aches and pains. Within the first 24 hours after our first session most of the pains melted away. I'm now going every week and enjoying every moment of it. She combines her knowledge about massage and crafts her work around your body's unique needs. My Mother and Father have also been clients with her over 15 years and still go to this day! Head on in if you're looking for a relaxing and beneficial massage."

- Graham Blus

"It started with a gift certificate several years ago for a much needed massage. My very first massage with Therese set me free. Therese's massage technique is unique while she addresses your muscle needs. Think of it as an investment in your body's health. I highly recommend you give Massage Movement a try."

- Jo Nellemann

"To say that Therese's Progressive Response Massage Therapy technique is effective would be an understatement. Her technique has healed problems that other methods I tried in the past have not. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and how to work with it. After just three massage sessions with her, I could tell a world of difference in how my muscles and posture felt. I have now been seeing Therese for weekly massages for over a year. My body is able to continue with the high volume of training I am accustomed to with reduced muscle soreness and remaining pain-free! I now run and workout without thinking twice about nagging pain! It is like I have a whole new body! Therese has such a positive attitude. She can sense when you are stressed, and one of her massage sessions will have you feeling at peace again. She is professional and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while you are with her. She is truly a saint and one of the kindest persons I know. Give her Progressive Response Massage Therapy a try, and you won't be disappointed!"

- Matt Marino

Former Mechanical Engineer, Future Army Soldier

"It's been two years now since I bestowed upon you the "Walking on Water" award for helping me get rid of a chronic shoulder problem that, thanks to you, has not returned. To say that I am a firm and loyal believer in your unique approach to massage therapy is an understatement. That's why I keep coming back! Over this past summer you have again begun proving the success of your special approach to massage by helping me with a recent knee injury; you've been making good and steady progress in restoring its full range of motion and getting it back to normal. Keep up the good work!"

- Bruce Mason

"Her method for relaxing and realigning muscles worked in a way that physical therapy and medication could not. After several sessions, I noticed a big difference, and now, after being a client of Therese for several years, I no longer rely on or need medication or therapy. If I have had a particularly stressful week, Therese makes time to see me and is particularly attentive to any areas that require special attention. Her intuitive style and deep knowledge of the musculoskeletal structure allows every massage to be unique and exactly what you need. I truly feel with Therese's help my body is healthier and younger feeling. I consider my regular massages with her to be integral to my overall mental and physical wellbeing."

- Monica Gibbons

"I first visited Therese over a year ago on the recommendation of my Pilates instructor. I have scoliosis and am in pain everyday. Things got a lot worse last year when I was suffering from a bulging disc. I had to give up golf (a passion of mine) and all exercise, except for gentle stretching because of the pain. I am not a pill taker, but finally had to start anti-inflammatories. Then I went to Therese.

I consider her my angel who through her "body work" has changed my muscle tone to where I have less spasms and pain in my back and better quality of life. I am golfing and exercising again and my pain is manageable.

Therese is a true professional in her field. She can "read" my muscles and knows what I need. She has a kind spirit, positive attitude, always cheerful and a true pleasure to be with. I highly recommend Therese at Massage Movement."

- Diane Grzelak

"Therese is a joy to work with! I came to her for help with tension in my shoulders and neck. After the first session. I already felt a huge difference, and relief within the next day. I highly recommend booking a session with Therese as soon as possible!"

- Hallie Becker

"I have been a client of Therese's for 2 years. I was referred to her by a physical therapist following 5 shoulder surgeries and continued shoulder and neck pain. My weekly sessions with her take away pain and stress and allow me to function on a daily basis. I strongly recommend her to everyone I know."

- Eileen Snick