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Get Back to Basics with Progressive Response Massage Therapy. The Massage System to create Your Optimal Musculoskeletal Foundation

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"For me, nothing surpasses one of Therese's late-afternoon or early-evening massages on Friday as a means to leave a stress-filled week behind, and go into the weekend with a refreshed and re-energized mind and body."
- Brad Stetson
          Chairman & CEO, Barrington Bank & Trust Co

About Massage Movement LLC
& Therese Rog

Therese M. Rog has been Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork since 1993.  She is a member in good standing of the American Massage Therapy Association, and is licensed to practice Massage Therapy by the State of Illinois.  She first established her practice in 1990, and has been at her current location in Barrington since 1993.  Therese is an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oil, which she uses in her practice to enhance the massage experience.


Over the past  20 years, Therese continues to perfect Progressive Response Massage TherapySM, her unique and effective style of reading the body through intuitive and energetic touch.  This is not the kind of rote massage delivered by many chain organizations.  Rather, Therese has an acute appreciation for the individuality of each client and each independent session.  Her broad base of loyal clients have enjoyed the benefits of her massage for years, citing the marked progress in the health and flexibility of their bodies over time.


Therese's Progressive Response Massage TherapySM directly addresses the elasticity of muscle, and the capacity to attain muscular range of motion while releasing the postural holds that hinder flexibility.  Muscles are comprised of millions of fibers, not all of which are heading in the same direction.  Progressive Response massage addresses the flow and direction of muscle tissue, as well as the way in which it lays on the skeleton; her massage moves as much of the muscle as possible in the direction nature intended.  This direcly influences the elasticity of the muscles, thereby improving one's flexibility, range of motion, and posture.


Therese works with men and women from all walks of life, all of whom enjoy a myriad of creative and physical activities, and come to her to address different conditions and issues.  So while no two people are alike, she finds her most dedicated clients to be proactive in taking responsibility for their health; patient in their understanding of massage as a process; persistent in receiving regular massage; and practical in accepting that what was once difficult becomes easy with practice.  To learn more about Therese Rog's views on Massage Therapy, we invite you to connect to her following articles:


        How Are Your Muscles Moving?  by Therese M. Rog, NCTMB

        Deep Massage, Yes or No?  by Therese M. Rog, NCTMB




Massage Movement is located in the newly redecorated suite of a professional office building in downtown Barrington, where clients can enjoy the privacy and comfort of individualized attention.  For an appointment, please call (847) 304-5112, or send an e-mail (checked nightly) to 


Open Tuesday through Saturday, by appointment


 (847) 304-5112 


202 South Cook Street

Suite 206

Barrington, Illinois  60010

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