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Client Testimonials

"For me, nothing surpasses one of Therese's late-afternoon or early-evening massages on Friday as a means to leave a stress-filled week behind, and go into the weekend with a refreshed and re-energized mind and body."
- Brad Stetson
          Chairman & CEO, Barrington Bank & Trust Co

"I have been receiving massage therapy from Therese since March of 2003. She is absolutely fabulous at what she does and I have benefited tremendously from her skill and talent in body work. Regardless of what may be going on with my body, she reads it like a pro, and always seems to know just what needs work and to what degree. She always works with what the body presents. Before I came to Therese, I had received massages from a variety of professionals. I have stayed with Therese for 11 years (and she with me!) because she knows how to heal the body."
   - Betsy Blanchard
           Performance Coach & Consultant

"I am well into my 50's and president of a corporation in a highly stressful profession and environment.  I have in the past suffered from head, neck and jaw pain associated with bruxism.  As an avid athlete, I have suffered with the bumps and bruises of competitive basketball as well as pain associated with herniated disks in both my back and neck.  More recently, I underwent significant shoulder surgery to repair 50 years of wear and tear from my athletics.  At the suggestion of my pain management physician 17 years ago, I first began weekly massage therapy with Therese Rog.  The results are so remarkable that she has truly improved the quality of my life.  That I have been with Therese for over 17 years should indicate: (1) her skills and talents in this specialized area; (2) how integral massage therapy has become to my holistic approach to health, and; (3) how satisfied I am with her professional skills.  The integrity, partnership in promoting my well-being, her kind and always cheerful and positive attitude and consummate professionalism make it my pleasure to unequivocally recommend Therese Rog and Massage Movement to any person seeking a holistic approach to massage therapy and body work and their physical, and consequently mental, well-being."
            David Schultz
           David F. Schultz Associates, Ltd - Architects & Planners 

"After years of getting massages from random therapists at various spas, I realized I needed a massage therapist who would provide me with individualized service to address my specific needs - be they due to sports injuries or chronic stress. I found that and more in Therese. She took the time to get to know me and my body, and even identified areas of tension I didn't know existed. Plus, based on her wealth of knowledge and experience, Therese is able to offer tips for things I can do on a daily basis to improve my overall health and well being. 

I truly look forward to every session and cannot recommend a better investment in yourself."

        - Maryam Brotine

"After being retired for a few years, the normal pain I lived with was increasing due to a reconstructed shoulder and many other sports injuries.  Playing golf and working out at the health club was beginning not to be fun due to the pain afterwards.  Constantly taking muscle pain relief pills after each game or workout started me questioning is there something better than pills.  My wife and her friend convinced me that muscle massage therapy could help.  The best decision I made was scheduling sessions with Therese Rog.  I take limited amounts of pain killers, and I have to tolerate much less pain after working out at the health club or playing a few rounds of golf.  The mistake I made was not taking muscle massage sessions sooner and maintaining good muscle tone.  My suggestion to other men with chronic pain is to try Therese Rog at Massage Movement.  You will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!"
        - Jack O'Toole
           Retired Operations Manager

"It's been two years now since I bestowed upon you the "Walking on Water" award for helping me get rid of a chronic shoulder problem that, thanks to you, has not returned.  To say that I am a firm and loyal believer in your unique approach to massage therapy is an understatement.  That's why I keep coming back!  Over this past summer you have again begun proving the success of your special approach to massage by helping me with a recent knee injury; you've been making good and steady progress in restoring its full range of motion and getting it back to normal.  Keep up the good work!"
        - Bruce Mason

"I have been a client of Therese Rog for the past 9 years.  Therese uses a holistic approach to her massage.  She addresses specfic areas of tension as well as treats the entire body as an integrated "machine" that needs care and attention.  I have been to many massage therapists over the years and can truly say that Therese provides a superior massage through her attention and approach to healing.  The benefits of massage occur over time - my body "expects" to see Therese and I can feel that it's time for my regular visit!  I enthusiastically refer friends to Therese and am a firm believer in the benefits of massage.  The body is a complex combination of muscles, nerves and energy that Therese can manipulate to provide total care -- so necessary in our very busy, busy lives!"
          Vice President, Right Management

"I had hip discomfort for 1 1/2 years and had tried chiropractors, massages and ultrasound. After only 3 sessions with Therese, my hip pain is minimal, in fact, my whole body feels better. I work out everyday but honestly feel stronger and so much better. Thanks Therese!"
        - Betsy McGrath 

"I have a job that can be physically demanding. I have tried several massage therapists and Therese is the best! I always look forward to my massages with her to get my muscles adjusted and help me relax. She is a wonderful masseuse with a kind heart."
        - Amy

"I first visited Therese over a year ago on the recommendation of my Pilates instructor. I have scoliosis and am in pain everyday. Things got a lot worse last year when I was suffering from a bulging disc. I had to give up golf (a passion of mine) and all exercise, except for gentle stretching because of the pain. I am not a pill taker, but finally had to start anti-inflammatories. Then I went to Therese.

I consider her my angel who through her "body work" has changed my muscle tone to where I have less spasms and pain in my back and better quality of life. I am golfing and exercising again and my pain is manageable.

Therese is a true professional in her field. She can "read" my muscles and knows what I need. She has a kind spirit, positive attitude, always cheerful and a true pleasure to be with. I highly recommend Therese at Massage Movement."
        - Diane Grzelak 

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